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Face Range
Cleansing Oil 120/250/500ml
Face Wash (for oily/normal/dry skin)120/250ml/1L
Facial Mist (Rose/Chamomile/Neroli) 100/200ml
Skin care oil (for normal/dry) 100/200ml
Calendula skin care oil (unscented) 100/200ml
Chamomile Intense Soothing serum 10/30ml
Cleansing Range
Body Wash (Refresh/Moisture) 250ml/1000ml
Hand Wash 250ml/1000ml
Handmade soap 110g/130g/ family pack 650g
– Extra Honey & Olive Oil
– Extra honey & Goat’s milk
– Extra Honey & Aloe
– Honey, Sandalwood & Ylang
– Honey & Ginger
– Gingerbread man
– Calendula & Cedarwood
– Olive & Olive
– Avocado smoothie
– Calendula White soap
– Wormwood & Calendula
– Papaya & Goat’s milk
– Cappuccino scrub bar
– Espresso scrub bar
– Lavender & Tea Tree
– Aloe & lemongrass
– Sea Salt bar
– Rock Salt
– Honey
– Goat’s Milk
– Goat’s Milk & Honey
Hair Care Range
Shampoo (for oily/normal/dry hair) 250ml/1000ml
Shampoo bar 120g / 325g famil pack
Natural Repellent
Repellent Essential Oil 10/20ml
Relief Balm (Lavender & Tea Tree) 5g
Scent Shower Range
Bath Salt (Relax + Unwind/Fatigue busters) 120g/300g
Lips, Hand & Nail Care
Lip Balm (Honey Balm) 5g
Personal Care Range
Airy Deo 60g
Eco Home Range
Essential Oil (Lavender/Tea Tree/Clarify/Repellent/Delight!) 10/20ml
Peppermint Laundry Soap 150g/ family pack 1kg
Dishwashing Soap 150g/ family pack 1kg